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Jet Duster Maxi (Copy)

Jet Duster Maxi (Copy)

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Keep your computer or console dust-free to extend its lifespan and so you don't miss out on peak performance.

task_alt Produces ultra-strong airflow at 116mph

task_alt Eliminates 99.9% of the dust in seconds

task_alt Never buy a can of compressed air again

Jet Duster Maxi (Copy)

Jet Duster Maxi (Copy)

Regular price $89.95
Regular price $89.95 Sale price $149.99
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Avoid Performance Drops in Your PC Caused by Overheating

Dust traps heat, and that excess heat causes thermal throttling, where the system reduces performance to cool down, or even hardware damage.

Jet Duster Maxi's powerful 116mph airflow blasts dust off your computer components and improves cooling efficiency to ensure it runs at peak performance.

Why is vacuuming dangerous?

Vacuums generate static electricity. Static discharge damages sensitive components inside your precious PC, such as the CPU, GPU, and motherboard by frying any tiny transistor and capacitor it hits.

The damage is usually a cumulative process. The first signs are hard to detect, but within a few months, the PC starts getting glitchy, which you'll probably put off to a error in the operating system until eventually it's unbootable.

Vacuuming doesn't effectively remove dust from tight spaces or between components either.

Jet Duster Maxi efficiently blows dust out of crevices and away from components without the risk of damage.


Our cordless air duster is an eco-friendly alternative to canned compressed air that replaces 5000 cans, so you'll not only help save the environment, your wallet will thank you too!

Dust your electronics or home with the push of a button

The Jet Duster Maxi can meet your needs in various places, such as computers, keyboards, consoles, filters, camera lenses, sofas, window tracks, cars, woodwork tools, clothing, or inflatables.


Why You Should Choose Jet Duster Maxi



Power: 200W
Motor Speed: 130 000 RPM
Wind Speed: 116mph (52m/s)
Battery: 6000mAh
Size: 5.63 x 3.66 x 1.54"
Charging time: 2h
Weight: 10.8oz / 307g

In The Box
1 x Jet Duster Maxi
1 x Magnetic nozzle
1 x Type-C charging cable

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